Certificate of excellence 2020
Exquisite attention to detail; a culinary delight

So many surprises; there seemed to be an endless cascade of exciting little dishes. I recall about three amuse bouche before we even reached the starters "proper". I had initially been a bit sceptical about the anonymous tasting menu, however each dish brought a distinctive new taste and the sequence worked really well. Sommelier thankfully didn't push us to have the paired wine selection and the single bottle of wine that we chose was of good quality. It was kept perfectly chilled for us and he skilfully poured to make it last through the meal. Senses was a great choice for a special occasion and I'd definitely return.

7 August 2019

Fantastic exciting food

We ordered 5 course with wine paring. Before we got the servings we got 3 rounds with amouch bouche (small bite size appetizers). It was wonderful and we really got to use our senses. Amazing food and service. We highly recommend this place.

31 July 2019

Unforgettable experience

Our meal and evening at Senses was fantastic. Every part of it was spot on! The food, this wine, the service and the atmosphere was all amazing!! It is an evening that I will remember for the rest of my life due to how unbelievably good it was!!!

31 July 2019

Amazing experience

My wife and me spent an unforgetable evening at SENSES. Very nice atmosphere. Top level of service with friendly and competent staff. We took the 7-courses surprise menu incl wine service. Due to personal preferences, they prepared a non-meat-menu for my wife. Quality of food, combination of tastes and preparation of the plates was extraordinary good. We had diner at many international top spots and SENSES belongs to the best we ever experienced. Great concept, great job! Thanks!

30 July 2019

Delicious food, great times

The food was amazing, the experience was divine and the cost was reasonable. So unlike what I've had in NYC. I would definitely recommend Senses and return for another fine dining date!

27 July 2019


We came to celebrate a special occasion and then the celebration became a special occasion in itself!!! It was really wonderful!! Beautiful dishes and is was amazing how the combination of flavors and textures in each bite surprised us every different course. Not to mention the sublime combination with the wines! I would definitely recommend this restaurant!

19 July 2019

Lovely night & unbeatable anniversary

The night started with a really nice welcome from the waiters that remembered that it was our anniversary. After that they delighted us with three surprising aperitifs. We went for the 4-course menu with wine pairing and I have no words that can describe the perfection of it. The price is really worth it most of all because of the quality of their products and the service. Thank you very much to the waiters Romay and Rudy that took care of us during the whole night and to the cooks that did their job impeccably. Your service was perfect as well as the complete explanaition of the courses and the description of all the different wines that were perfectly paired with our dishes. At the end of the night they surprised us once again with a letter and homemade chocolates wishing us a happy anniversary. I wil forever remember this night and the experience that you made us live. Thank you one more time.

12 July 2019

Highly recommended

I had the 3 course tasting menu with a glass of Dutch prosecco to start and then 2 wine pairings including complimentary amuse bouches. Not only were the dishes visually stunning but the flavours and textures were incredible and at time, bliss. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend.

9 July 2019

Amazing dinner

Don't miss Senses, the quality is the highest, the service is great and the surprising food was superb beyond our expectations. The wine selection was very good and we even got a little surprise and card for my wife birthday.

8 July 2019


It is a must. What an amazing dinner! Good value for 7 course tasting menu. Perfect wine pairing and superb ingredients. Senses is one of my top restaurants. Better than some well known 3 stars michelin restaurants in the world. Service is top notch as well. We are planning to go back the next 2 days.

4 July 2019