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Jobs in Senses restaurant


Fine-dining restaurant Senses is a member of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs and listed in the Lekker500 and has a top ranking in the top 10 of the Amsterdam Fine dining restaurants.

Our top priority is pleasure in work. Being collegial and a friendly team member is therefore very important to us. In addition, we pay an excellent salary (better than at the other restaurants).
We want to see you develop so that your job is also an investment in your own future! Working in the catering industry is a party every day.

Do you want to work at the coolest location in Amsterdam and do you love pampering our guests? It's all possible because we are looking for the right pearls for Senses restaurant. Are you curious about which job fits your education or interest? Below you will find all the possibilities for your next new job; cook, employee service, supervisor, manager, etc.


You can think 'out of the box' in your choices and do not go directly for the well-known names. You like to think along with the total concept of Senses restaurant. Wine pairing provides the ultimate experience of the tasting menu. You advise our guests in the best choice.





As a waiter/waitress, you ensure that your guests have a fantastic afternoon or evening out and you try to exceed your guests expectations every time. You advise your guests on the menu choice and wine arrangements. You serve the dishes and pour the wines and at the end of the service the quests thank you for the good care. Based on talent and experience, the salary scale will be excellent.

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Breakfast chef

We are looking for a chef for our breakfast. In line with Senses lunch and dinner, the same quality has also been extended to breakfast, where guests can choose from a la carte hot dishes. You work from 6:30 AM to 2:00 PM.




  • 32-hour working week for BBL and 40-hour working week for BOL students
  • Living in the Amsterdam region

We train up to and including level 4

Send your application to

We offer:

  • Pleasure in your work is paramount.
  • Excellent salary and benefits (better than most restaurants).
  • Personal training and development program.
  • Admission to Pension Fund Horeca & Catering.
  • An interesting job on a Full-time or Part-time basis.
  • A pleasant and friendly working environment.
  • Realistic and flexible working hours and breaks.
  • A safe workplace and healthy staff meals.
  • A free weekend in turn is negotiable with us.
  • You have your social life back.
  •  Perfect coffee/tea for the break.
  • Annual team building/staff party.
  • Christmas present.
  • Celebrate successes.

Best service

We offer the best service, not only to our guests, but above all to all our employees. We train, support and coach our employees at every level to create a winning team and celebrate success.


Mail your CV and motivation letter to Taco van der Meer Jr. "I would like to meet you.
And know that we find pleasure in work very important. We want to see you develop so that your job is also an investment in your own future! Working in the catering industry is a party every day." Taco van der Meer Jr.