A small an intimate restaurant where the service and food were impeccable!

"A small an intimate restaurant where the service and food were impeccable ... we would thoroughly recommend this restaurant. We had the 6 course tasting menu with paired wine and each course was fabulous."

David, May 29th 2023

Amazing experience

"Amazing experience. Multi faceted flavors and textures. Excellent service too."

Timo, May 29th 2023

8.5 van 10


Alejandro, May 26th 2023

10 van 10


Ken, May 25th 2023

A Treat to your Senses

"We enjoyed the dinner with wine. The food came one after the other and we didnt feel that it was taking so long for the next course to come out. We loved the Langoustine the best but all the courses were great!! It was a good experience on our first day in Amsterdam after traveling for 17 hours from Asia to Amsterdam."

welovetotravel_585, May 24th 2023

Nice food with amazing wine pairing

"It was a great lunch experience, with tasty food and amazing wine pairing. The introduction of the wine added a great joy to the whole lunch. We love it a lot!"

Rant, May 22nd 2023

Our best dining experience in Amsterdam

"It was an amazing experience, truly our best dining evening in Amsterdam. We took the 6 courses option with pairing and everything was perfect. The pairing was especially good with wine selections supporting every meal beautifully. The service was excellent. We really recommend this place."

Elyse, May 20th 2023

Excellent food and ambiance

"Excellent food and ambiance. Staff and chef are very friendly. I would highly recommend for those have a quiet and quality time."

ML, May 19th 2023

Very good creative cuisine and pairing wine.

"Everything is excellent is in this restaurant from the food of course to the wine they proposed and as well the services. You don’t know what you will eat as there is no detailed menu and you only have a number of courses to choose with or without wine pairing. We took 4 courses with wine pairing and we strongly recommend this as they choose the wine that is going the best with each meal. The food was a kind of fusion with regional product for the fish and meat that are cooked with a variety of excipients coming mainly from Asia. Everything was creative. The sommelier that served knew the wine very well and gave us precise information about her pairing logic. It was a very good experience and we strongly recommend this restaurant."

Nicolas, May 19th 2023

you will not be disappointed

"We were able to enjoy lunch here and it was by far one of the best culinary experiences we have ever encountered. The person who was our personal guide to the aperitifs, wines and dessert drinks was not only an amazing sommelier but also very knowledgeable in our foods. Do not hesitate to do the 3, 4 or 5-course “all-in” menus - you will not be disappointed and you will walk out with the most superior meal you have ever traveled upon - because it is a journey."

Selvi, May 18th 2023