Exceptionally beautiful food, wine and service experience!

"We had one of the most amazing meals/evenings of my life at Senses in Amsterdam recently. We ordered the chef's choice menu and were blown away by the food, service and wine. Exceptional all around! My only mistake was not ordering the wine pairings with the tastings. I hope to get back one day and rectify! What a beautiful evening from the greeting at the door to the goodbye. I can't recommend this restaurant enough!"

WSF382, March 17th 2024

Superb, defo worth trying

"Exceptional service, very friendly. Food was superb with a lot of variation between the courses. A small gap between courses would be beneficial. At one stage I was finishing course and next arrived. That said I would absolutely recommend to anyone wanting a special night"

Elizabeth, March 16th 2024

Special evening

"Very friendly staff welcomed by the chef. Comfortable atmosphere not pretentious. Quality ingredients excellent taste."

RogersJ2406RX, March 6th 2024

Excellent experience food and wines

"The Chef and the service staff makes you blow your senses literally. My wife and I are food and wine lovers, so we enjoy and appreciate the hospitality when is great like this place. We had the all senses menu with the wine pairing. It was fantastic and entertaining. We went by accident, a night before walking all the streets enjoying the beautiful Amsterdam city, This is a most memorable dinner that we had in our stay in Amsterdam. The Chef, the Sommelier and the Host makes the best of the job. Thank you for the experience ."

Sommelieravera, February 29th 2024

Outstanding experience!

"Unique taste experience. A true journey of all your senses. Every course is another outstanding taste experience. Wines go perfectly with the different courses. A true recommendation for anyone who enjoys food and wines."

iReggie, February 27th 2024

Amsterdam's treasure

"We spent an incredible evening at Senses Restaurant. Great relaxed atmosphere, excellent food, top service. The creation of the plates was outstanding - qualitity of ingredients, combination of vegan and fish, creation on the plates always fitting with the china and cuttlery. Optimal size of 6 course menue. Interior design very aestetic, matcing background music. We definitely will come back."

Adventure66212795847, February 24th 2024


"In one word, surprising. The dishes are mainly seafood and plant based. Each of them is finely crafted and delicious. Out of the 6 dishes we had, each was outstanding on its own. Our waitress was always warm and welcoming, rounding the evening perfectly."

DaC1064GU, February 20th 2024

First experience

"This was my first experience in a starred restaurant and I think it was worth every cent. The attention to details was great and the server made us feel at home. Only thing to improve maybe to explain a little bit better how the menu is going to be served at the beginning of the meal (we got a little bit confused) but otherwise it was a great experience."

SalomeB73, February 20th 2024

Great, unusual tastes

"Japanese inspired food. A lot of interesting and unusual - but great - tastes. Friendly and good people. We had a great time :-)"

186jesperc, February 18th 2024

Perfect evening

"Great experience. Surprising menu, many different tastes. There was no meat in it but we did not miss it at all, everything was very tasty. You can see the chefs are really looking for each detail, to make it as a great moment. The service and the place are also really nice. This is not so big and you can have your intimity there. The waiters are really friendly and helpful ! We recommand !"

Happiness52113281761, February 11th 2024