One of the best nights

"I had the pleasure of dining at senses restaurant. And I was amazed by the service of the waiters. and the chefs creativety. Every dish was a perfect balance of flavors. I really enjoyed that i did not know what was on the menu before it was served. I proposed to my girlfriend and they baked a cake as a suprise for us when we paid. I already made our next resevation"

Kasper, December 18th 2022

Superb. One to watch

"Had my birthday meal here whilst in Amsterdam. Amazing food by a young chef who is producing food akin to Michael O’Hare and other Michelin starred chefs. The sommelier was brilliant and I’mphased by my dislike of red wine for the wine flight. Substituting with white wines."

Tommy, December 15th 2022

What a wonderful evening

"Celebrated 12.5 years dentist anniversary in this restaurant together with fellow student and best friend. What a wonderful evening. Good environment, nice service and very tasty dishes prepared with passion. The English speaking sommelier was sometimes a bit difficult to understand but convincingly loved his profession. Wines were great and well matched with the menu. Our tip? Go for the full menu + matching wines!"

Ineke, December 12th 2022

Amazing food and brilliant staff

"We had a brilliant evening here, unbelievable food, excellent wine pairings and wonderful staff. Thank you so much for an amazing evening :)"

Alexa, November 27th 2022

Very rich

"Very rich 😋. I'm lovin 'it"

Frank, November 22nd 2022

Impeccable service with balanced well-paced courses

"My girlfriend and I have been to a few share of Michelin-starred restaurants and we both agreed the restaurant may be heading to one next year. We had the 6 courses, champagne at the start and a few glasses of wine. Summary of our experience: - Personal ambiance with only ~13 tables, hence you never feel rushed and always have the attention of the staff. The pace of the dishes is great. - You can throw them any service ‘test’ you’d like - they will never disappoint. One small error occurred and they immediately fixed it above our expectations. Most restaurants wouldn’t go this above and beyond. - Staff is formal but not stiff. Fine dining is known for its stiff impersonal service but the staff did an amazing job breaking the status quote. - Food was perfectly balanced amongst courses with even desserts fitting our pallet well. We aren’t the biggest fan of desserts as they tend to be very sweet but this was the contrary. Sweet but light on the stomach. Check out the photos. - Location is central so you can go get drinks right after without having to travel far. - Last but not least, one of the most important parts for many Dutch people, yes it is very good value for money but I expect once they get Michelin recognition that this will go up. Go visit now before it’s too late! Overall, perfect match for a cosy, intimate occasion whether it be because you’re a foodie or on a date."

Boudewijn , November 13th 2022

A wonderful evening; food and staff outstanding

"Location: Just a 5 min walk from the Rembrandtsplein so very central with a tram very close. In good weather with a nice opportunity to walk alomg the Grachten."

Florian, November 7th 2022

Amazing experience

"From the dishes with their very innovative way of presenting and the twists in tastes to the service, that is beyond impeccable... A real travel experience trough tastes from different places! The perfect combination, thank you!"

Jennifer, November 6th 2022

Wonderfully introduced

"Took my boyfriend for his birthday and we did the full inclusive tasting dinner with 6 courses and wine pairings. The wine and food were not only delicious individually they were also beautifully paired with one another. Each dish and wine was briefly but wonderfully introduced and explained by the waiters. Worth every single pound we spent. Small restaurant and cozy! Best tasting we have done!"

Giulia, November 6th 2022

The most incredible meal

"The atmosphere was lovely, the staff were all really friendly and helpful. the food was incredible. We had the full experience and there was loads of snacks in between courses and the pace was good too. We even got an extra treat because it was our anniversary"

Amy, November 2nd 2022