Recommending 100%

"Very nice and fancy food, creative combination of tastes and textures. It’s a real experience for the tongue. Very friendly service, kindly explaining what you eat. "

Aleksandra, May 23rd 2021

We enjoyed a delicious Covid take out

"We enjoyed a delicious take out since the restaurants are not open yet for dinner. The food was amazing and easy to put together at home. Each dish was color coded with clear instructions on how to heat it ( if necessary) and how to plate it. We can’t wait to actually go and eat at Senses. Hopefully soon!"

Joanne, May 16th 2021

We are in love with Senses,

"We are in love with Senses, it always exceeds our expectations. We previously tried the 7 courses menu (Incredible) and We just went for lunch: we could add a delicious tar tar to the 2 courses lunch menu (which obviously includes amouse bouche and a fabulous dessert). The service was perfect, they really take care of the customers and of their requests. We brought with us our lovely 3 months old son and still we had a very romantic experience. The chef prepares all dishes with great attention, the different textures explode in your mouth and you cannot remain unsatisfied. Top quality products, top service, nice location obviously affected by the limited space allowed by the corona rules. Still you can enjoy a nice terrace."

Sharone, May 13th 2021

Excellent take-away dinner

"Lockdown is almost over and I felt like having a last take-away experience. I tried take-away menus from other restaurants, some of them awarded Michelin stars, and that was the best experience so far, while not necessarily being the most expensive one. The menu was simple yet displayed the right amount of creativity. Staff was very friendly at pick-up, my bag was waiting for me with a kind word written on it. Instructions came with illustrations and were extremely clear (and available in English), a video and a playlist are also available via a QR code. You can already see the hard work before you try the food... and food did not disappoint. Each dish was well crafted, easy to execute and tasted great! I had never visited Senses for an on-site dinner, despite its proximity to my house, but I will certainly do so now! Thank you and see you soon!"

Arnaud, May 13th 2021

Delicious and helpful take-out (lockdown special)

"Ordered the 5 course menu pick-up lockdown service for my partner's birthday. The menu and printed visuals for the different packets/boxes of everything you have, and how to prepare it (well, it's not really prep, it's what to warm up quickly a few things and in what order to lay it out on the plate) was really helpful. It was really simple to understand, not too much hassle to serve, and the food was absolutely delicious, especially the 3rd (main) course of lamb."

Simon, May 12th 2021

fantastic 5 course diner take away

"very well balanced 5 course diner, which has been prepared in advance by Senses and with some simple instructions turned into a fantastic experience. Senses even arranged for a playlist to complete the experience. all in all, fantastic food with excellent service as we experienced in the restaurant last July."

Onno, April 12th 2021

Take away

"Restaurant was closed due to covid, we tried the 4 course menu for two people take away. The packaging was very well tagged to identify the ingredients of each course. The instructions were very clear and well illustrated. Having an English version of the instructions was a big plus. Last but not least the dinner was excellent and very simple to prepare. We have tried several high end amsterdam restaurant in take away, in 2020-2021 and by far this the best for quality, simplicity and price. We will definitely visit when restaurants will re open"

Fellow, April 10th 2021