10 out 10

"It's a nice place! Highly recommend"

Ekaterina, November 29th 2023

5 out 5

"Wonderful dining experience! Every course was indeed quite an experience 😊. Super friendly and professional staff, amazing chefs simply a great experience, highly recommended!"

GN, November 19th 2023

5 out 5

"We were warmly welcomed, even though we were early. Received a nice explanation of the menu. Then very friendly and smooth service. The online price agreement was properly registered and fulfilled. Nice location in Amsterdam. Highly recommended."

Mario, November 17th 2023

10 out 10


Leanne, November 16th 2023

Top level

"Top level ,best taste ,esch plate come with professional description ,friendly stuff and good vibe ."

Maps08556070968, November 11th 2023

9.5 van 10


Cesar, November 9th 2023

Where is your Michelin Star ???

"Spectacular array of creative dishes that will leave you craving for more. The wine list is crazy good with many hard to find wines from around the world at reasonable prices. The service was top notch and the fare was high quality with a spin. Overall I don't know why this establishment doesn't have a Michelin was that good !! "

Tferraro, November 9th 2023

10 van 10

"This non Michelin starred restaurant deserves a Michelin star without a doubt !! The food, the vibe and the service was spot-on. The wine list is probably the fairest priced wine list I have ever ween except for my restaurants with many hard to find wines from around the world. Overall I can't wait to dine here again..... "

Thomas, November 8th 2023

5 out 5 stars

"Beautiful and exceptional dining experience. All food was amazing and expertly paired with wine. Very professional and friendly staff. "

Fionn, November 5th 2023

9.5 van 10


Ralph, November 4th 2023