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Senses Restaurant Amsterdam
Let your senses be stimulated

Senses restaurant Amsterdam. a tantalizing culinary experience!

Senses is a fine dining restaurant in the center of Amsterdam where Chef Renaud Goigoux and Sous Chef Joonas Karjalainen translate their inspiration and creativity into the 4-6 courses menu inspired by Japanese cuisine, Dutch seasonal products, and the French flair.

Senses is member of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs.


The restaurant team consists of professionals who provide an excellent lunch or dinner with the right advice about the dishes and matching wines.



Our professionals are at your service

Let your senses be stimulated and opt for the unexpected.

Head Chef Renaud Goigoux and his team experiment with new flavors, vegetables, herbs, and spices from faraway countries and the latest cooking techniques to combine these with the more classic kitchen to prepare the most beautiful and tastiest dishes. Plenty of room for creativity at the highest level.

That Senses constantly performs at a high level is evident from the ranking of the best fine dining restaurants in the Netherlands on Tripadvisor. This year we are in the top 10 again

Professional, bespoke and friendly service

The service team

A small but very professional restaurant team. The knowledge of the wines is amazing, they know how to combine wine and food in a special way every time. In combination with excellent hospitality, this guarantees a great evening.

A kitchen team with ambition

The kitchen team

Chef Renaud Goigoux and Sous chef Joonas Karjalainen have all the space they need to experiment with new tastes, vegetables, herbs and spices from faraway countries and the newest cooking techniques to combine these with the more classic kitchen to prepare the most beautiful and delicious dishes.

All room for creativity at top level.


Wine and food in just the right balance ensure an unmatched experience. Our team has selected wines with great care to accompany the refined dishes served.

Our wine menu consists of classics from known regions to innovative wines from unknown producers. Furthermore, we serve a wine pairing adjoining 3- to 5-course lunch menu or 4- to 6-course dinner menu resulting in a balanced wine menu.



An inspiring location is a good start, but not complete without a gastronomic experience. The Chef and this team offer every lunch something extra with their culinary creations. Surprising culinary lunch at the highest level. Ranging from 3- to 5 courses and with an optional wine pairing to boot.


Senses restaurant accommodates allergies and dietary restrictions with prior notice. We are unable to make menu changes on the day.

We can accommodate allergies or intolerances to meat, poultry, fish, seafood, gluten (restricted), lactose (restricted), pregnancy, vegetarian (i.e. not vegan) and some ingredients. Other wishes, allergies and dietary restrictions can unfortunately not be implemented in our dishes.

Do you doubt whether we can meet your needs or have questions please contact us by mail or phone.


Unconventional menus, which highlight the culinary artistry of the chef and his team. His menus all tell a story and contain unexpected combinations. The dishes are made using the freshest seasonal and where possible, sustainable ingredients. Let your senses be stimulated and opt for the unexpected. Choose between the weekly alternating 3- to 5-course lunch menu or 4- to 6-course dinner surprise menu. We serve homemade bread and a range of luxurious amuse-bouche with the menu. Cheese and caviar can also be ordered.
Embark on your own voyage of discovery. 

Stay & Dine

Deluxe dozing with delectable dinner and drinks!

The Albus has everything you could need or want for a night away. Start with a delightful glass of cava as you check-in. Unwind in your beautiful room, and get ready for a Michelin rated dinner at our very own Senses Restaurant. The Albus has everything for a night out.

Relax in luxury, wake up to a delicious breakfast in bed and enjoy the extra late check-out. The Albus is happy to welcome you!

More information

Senses is opened 4 days a week.

opening hours

Diner: 18:00 to 00:00. Last order for the kitchen: 21:30h. Wednesday- Saturday

Reservations up to 6 people can be made online via the button at the bottom right.
Reservations from 7 people please via email request.

The Uniform Horeca Conditions apply to all transactions and reservations. The UVH have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Woerden and registered there under number 40482082. Download them here
Senses is part of The Albus BV registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 01039669.