Certificate of excellence 2020
Amazing dinner

We went last night for dinner and enjoyed every bite! The chef has a way of combining wonderful flavorers and textures to create a masterpiece on the plate. I would recommend the chefs choice.

Unknown (UK)

17 July 2015

A feast for the senses.

Took my parents there hoping to give them a fine dining experience. My mom had never been to a restaurant with surprise menus like this one, and was quite mistrustful of the idea. As I had never been to this restaurant myself, taking her there was a bit of a gamble, but Senses did not let down! Her suspicious attitude changed after the very first course. We had two three-course menus and one five-course menu. My parents wanted theirs to be with fish or seafood, and their wishes were accommodated. I wanted mine to be a complete surprise, and ended up getting a meat-based meal. The food, both in terms of look and taste, was mindblowing, as were the wine pairings (we ordered the recommended wine pairings with our dinners). The dessert and its accompanying wine stood out in particular. It's difficult to describe this restaurant's food in simple terms -- they combine lots of ingredients that I couldn't image married together in a single dish, resulting in delicious flavors that were very new to me. I also liked the presentation of the food and the overall design of the restaurant very much. The waiters were friendly; not artificially friendly or uptight as in many upscale restaurants, but naturally friendly and cheerful. To sum up, this restaurant serves delicious food for several of your senses, not just for your tastebuds -- hence its name, I suppose.

Andrey (UK)

17 July 2015

A very positive dining experience!

We had the four course Surprise Menu with the wine, which was a wonderful way to experience a number of wines we wouldn't normally have had, and they were all good and went well with their course. Servers were gracious and knowledgeable and food was delicious and creative.

Sally (Canada)

14 July 2015

Healthy gem in middle of Amsterdam

Excellent food with fantastic service The food presentation was beautiful Dessert was heavenly Good location

Unknown (USA)

11 July 2015

Something different for us -- and we enjoyed it very much

Based on the great reviews, the fact that they have vegetarian dishes and they are also aware of food sensitivities, we gave Senses a try. We enjoyed it very much. Everything was delicious, and the service was friendly and helpful. They cheerfully made sure everything was gluten-free for me. All the dishes were beautifully presented and prepared. It was a fun experience all around.

Unknown (USA)

9 July 2015


Restaurant with special menu of dishes surprise choice of 3.4 or 5, is definitely by far the best restaurant in amsterdam I've ever eaten, dish after dish i experience exquisite service, find out yourselves ... SPECTACULAR !! !! small restaurant with open kitchen and a few tables, better book in advance.

Dani (Spain)

22 June 2015

Good sensations

The first impact is the environment: cozy and elegant. Immediately after you can appreciate the staff, kind and young. Continue enjoying creative interpretations of of local dishes, cured, refined and with some Italian influence thanks to the talented sous chef. The whole is accompanied by a good selection of international wines. Very good sensations.

Unknown (Italy)

21 June 2015

One night in Amsterdam

We had a 24 hour layover in Amsterdam and simply walked around looking for a restaurant and after searching trip advisor while having coffee, we realised we were close to Senses and the reviews made it appear an interesting eclectic place. Thanks to the staff, we were seated without a reservation and sort of placed ourselves in their hands for both drinks and the tasting menu. We opted for the 5 course tasting together with wine companions. We are so glad that we did. A delicious aperitif with Prosecco, orange and balsamic opened up the door to a great evening...highlights included a stunning lamb dish with beans, a white chocolate dessert, smoked salmon with citrus puree and lightly pickled cucumber, a marvellous duck liver encrusted with pistachios and guinea fowl in both a traditional manner and in a spring roll. All with beautifully matched wines. We appreciated the very individualised service, with excellent descriptions of the food and its components and a very relaxed atmosphere allowing us to eat and drink in a very relaxed manner. I would advise a reservation to be made as we witnessed several groups turned away. Thank you so much for a truly memorable evening.

Clorinda (Canada)

20 June 2015

Haute cuisine

My wife and I really enjoyed this restaurant. We had the three course surprise menu with the wine pairings. Delightful change from usual Amsterdam fare. service was good and waiter took time to explain every dish.

Unknown (Canada)

11 June 2015

Very unique!

A must when visiting Amsterdam! Go for the surprise menu, you will definitely be surprised..great food and service. Totally recommend for this place.

Gal (UK)

9 June 2015