Certificate of excellence 2018
Fantastic food

The restaurant is small, modern and friendly. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys fine gourmet food. The meal was simply fantastic. At Senses you are pretty much guaranteed to have an excellent meal. We can highly recommend this restaurant.

Luzia (Switzerland)

23 October 2015

Very creative take on dining

This restaurant prepares plates of many small taste experiences. There are foams and sauces and unusual little unidentifiable things. You don't order a particular dish but just wait for the chef to surprise you. The food was wonderful and very nice to look at. Don't go here if you are ravenous, but more if you want to try something different. It is close to the Munt tower so easy to get to. Quite unusual and recommended if you are in the mood.

Ferry (UK)

23 October 2015

Amazing food

Food was fantastic, service was exceptional. We had the "surprise" menu with wine pairings. We had a couple of small restrictions (no seafood for one person, no organ meat for both) which were easily accommodated. Delicious creations, beautiful presentation. Wines were explained well. A highlight of our trip.

Unknown (Canada)

16 October 2015


Delicious food. The 4 course surprise meal with wine paring was fantastic! Great atmosphere. Friendly staff.

Ann-Winifred (Unknown )

15 October 2015

An artistic culinary treat

The dishes were artfully presented and picture pretty. A lovely array of textures and tastes balanced each dish. We indulged in the four course with wine pairing and it was perfect. We left feeling satisfied, not full. Bravo to the team for crafting such delicious dishes, and the dining staff for explaining each course. A lovely long relaxing evening.

Christa (US)

14 October 2015


This was such a lovely restaurant and the choice was exciting and the food,, no words could explain the quality and uniqueness of the same a must do, a little expensive but worth every sent.

Unknown (Australia)

13 October 2015

Outstanding variety with great quality...

Senses is without a question one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. During our stay we ate out every single day tried many other sites recommended by tripadvisor, hotel staff and friends. We went with friends and we all agree they has the best combination of creative cooking, service and price. We had the six course menu with wine pairing. This was outstanding and matches very well against any place in New York City where we come from.

Jose (US)

12 October 2015

Booked by a colleague so no idea what to expect, I was about to be blown away!

Lauren H must either be the unluckiest person in town or mental. This is without doubt one of the best restaurants pound for pound in Europe, let alone Amsterdam. Little needs to be said about the food, it's stunning, artwork on a plate. And the service was amazing too. If you're heading to Amsterdam, or are lucky enough to be there now don't miss this place. They say never go back, sod that I'm off!

Peter (US)

7 October 2015

World class!

Un ristorante incredibile di cui ci siamo innamorati. In pieno centro molto facile da raggiungere con o mezzi pubblici da ogni zona della cittá. Piccolo, accogliente, caldo ed intimo. Superlativo il lavoro dello chef e dello sfaff in cucina, ben visibile dal ristorante. I piatti sono belli e buonissimi, ogni pietanza è cucinata alla perfezione ed alcuni piatti sono eccellenti concettualmente e sopratutto al palato. Per alcuni delle vere "esplosioni" di gusto. Lo staff è gentile e professionale, sono stati molto simpatici e ci hanno omaggiato due praline al passion fruit #wooooow due calici di vino ed una foto con i cuochi e lo chef. Felicissimi consigliamo questo ristorante a tutti. Cucina di altissimo livello. Ovviamente torneremo :P

Unknown (Uknown)

5 October 2015

Perfection on a plate

Probably in my top 3 meals so far. This was an experience not to be missed and I am so glad we saw the reviews on Trip Advisor. We had the 3 course surprise menu and loved every bit of it. The food looked amazing and tasted great; so many elements combined to make a memorable meal. Service was friendly and well timed yet relaxed. This is one to remember.

Unknown (Unknown)

3 October 2015