Certificate of excellence 2020
Amazing Mind blowing

Amazing Mind blowing We chose the three courses option and each was divine. The chefs are off the scale and the photos don’t do justice to how much your senses will be enthralled here. The staff are really nice and helpful and knowledgeable about the food.

21 January 2020

Special,positive different!

All the dinner long,we got a very nice explanation about each dish to be served. We were a family group of 14 persons,each of us found a tasty meal to choose. Sophisticated atmosphere and presentation,in the very positive meaning.


10 January 2020

Simply amazing

This is a very special place and it was recommended to us by friends who had been there. We booked well in advance online and I would advise anyone to do the same if you want a table. We chose the 5 course option with wine pairing and it was fantastic. After 5 different amuse bouch and a glass of champagne the courses started to come with the matching wine. Every course was gorgeous and the wine superb. Each course and wine was meticulously explained by the incredibly helpful and knowledgeable team. Certainly the best meal we have had on this European trip and for what we had it was very good value and definitely had the wow factor

9 January 2020

Excellent and surprising experience.

Excellent and surprising experience. Second time in two years, and great sensation, once again. Creative chef, supporting personnel.

21 December 2019

Great Cuisine - think of booking in time!!

Very attentive service and great taste! Unluckily we were too late for a reservation for dinner. So what we could get was a 4 course lunch: every course (and the Amuses and the Pre-Dessert!) well balanced in the flavours and textures and lovely to look at. Amazing, not to be missed. We will return for the 7 courses dinner!

15 December 2019

Best meal ever in Amsterdam

I was slightly reluctant to book Senses, purely because a photo of the room made the décor look a little garish, but I am SO glad I did! The room was perfectly pleasant – indeed smart and stylish – but more importantly the dinner was sensational! We took the 5 course tasting menu at 63 Euros and asked to share a wine pairing (charged not unfairly at 51 Euros, instead of the usual 45), as we didn’t want to drink too much. There were no less than 5 amuse-bouches, served in 3 “waves”, and everyone of them showed enormous skill and originality, setting the tone for what was to follow. There was barely a single item that didn’t show some ingredient or technique (sometimes both) that we’d never come across before. But it wasn’t all about surprise or showing off. These were quite simply some of the most delicious flavours enjoyed in a long a while. The wines were all interesting (mostly quite unusual) and well-matched. The service throughout was delightful. Relaxed but extremely prompt and professional. We liked the fact that both the waiting staff and the cooks in the open kitchen were all smartly dressed in black (right down to black gloves for the waiters!). A minor grumble: 11 Euros for a modest glass of Dutch sparkling wine (suggested at the table with no price indication) seemed slightly steep and out of line with the pricing generally. We were glad we didn’t order the alternative of champagne! (By the way, for those who didn’t know the Dutch made wine: they make it from bought in grapes, grown elsewhere, apparently.) But that’s a detail. There is no way I would visit Amsterdam again without including Senses.


14 December 2019

Perfect in every sense

Senses is the kind of restaurant where you go for the love of food, of experiencing new tastes and to admire the ingenuity of people who so cleverly experiment to surprise our tasting buds. We had a 5-course dinner that with amuses grew to a 8-course, each one a little adventure, with inspiration and ingredients from all around the world. And to go with it some carefully selected wines that were just perfect, the only small note here was the dessert wine that should have been a little sweeter to balance the fruity food. The absolute killer was a La Rioja Alta from 2007, a wine that had everything. We left with big smiles on our faces!

13 December 2019

Fabulous evening

We had the 7 course taster meal with matching wines. It was a fabulous evening with such high quality food and wine. Staff were very attentive. We enjoyed seeing the magic happening in the kitchen. It is a small and perfectly formed restaurant. Would definitely recommend.

24 November 2019

High class food

There is a small changing menu but everything on it - fish and veg particulary - are delicious. Well worth the money.

20 November 2019


We ate here last week. Eat here. It's just FANTASTIC. We had the 6 course tasting menu with matching wines. Really, REALLY good.

13 November 2019