Certificate of excellence 2018
Senses never disappoints

It's not the first time that we go there. This time I wanted to surprise my parents in law with a different and unknown experience, with Senses this has been possible. We went there for lunch and had 3 courses menu and wine pairing. It was simply fabulous. We had an explosion of taste between food and wine. Service was as well fantastic! The waiter Sami was really nice and he made us feel very comfortable. We'll come back every time we need to make a beautiful experience, Senses never disappoints.

Elena (Italy)

22 September 2018


Surprising and most enjoyable super fine dining in Amsterdam. We ordered the 5 course meal but lost counting how many little masterpieces we tasted (11 or 12)

10 September 2018

For the past 5 years this gem of a restaurant blows my mind

I have come to this restaurant every year since 2013 and even if I think I want to try something else when a special occasion comes around I keep coming back here - it is impeccable on so many levels. The food is indescribable, continuous to amaze and surprise me and the company I’m with. The service is excellent with good attention to detail and a level of service which is perfect In my opinion. I cannot give this concept and restaurant high enough praise. David


9 September 2018

Unique moment

Amazing, beyond our expactations; for lunch, this was an unprecedented experience that awakened all senses, offering excellent value for money. My own son is a cook in with experience in gastronomic French restaurants and was bowled over!

Claudine (Frankrijk)

2 September 2018

One of the best in town

Fantastic food, very friendly staff, reasonable prices, outstanding experience! Wie are very grateful for a wonderful Dinner.

24 August 2018

Superb in all aspects

Beautiful presentation, original compositions - a delight in all aspects. We had the 7 course meal with the wine tasting. Everything was just perfect. I would go back anytime.

Matthieu (FR)

19 August 2018

Simply Amazing

Although relatively pricey the restaurant lives up to it's name. Taste and smell senses are submitted to some of the tastiest and most aromatic experiences I have ever had. Book at table advance, you may not get a table simply rocking up on the night. We booked a table for 2000hrs and by the time we finished our (7 course, with wine pairing) meal it was almost 2300hrs. Each course is meticulously made, and the subject to detail is also a delight for the eyes! I recommend this to anyone who wants to experience some amazing dishes in a nice atmosphere. Though this is not for those on a budget, do it if you want to live a little!


18 August 2018

Best lunch ever... and i mean it

We have travelled the world eating great food but hey this place is out of this world... service was warm, friendly but absolutely outstanding! Our son even was invited into the kitchen as a want to be chef. You guys rock. I will definitely come back. Thank you for allowing us into your fabulous restaurant. See you next time!


13 August 2018

Excellent and delightful meal

The preparation, quality of food and the service was top class and 5 Star. It is for this reason I would give this a high rating. The location and ambience was decent but really did not keep up to the standard of food and service.


12 August 2018

Perfect experience

We had reservation for 20h30 but we were actually 40min late. We called the restaurant to inform them and they were completely understanding, we could even order the 5 course meal by phone (normally no 5 course meal after 21h). So staff is super professionnal and friendly! Each one of the 5 dishes and 2 amuse-bouche were a real delight! We just loved this restaurant, will be back for sure !!


12 August 2018