Certificate of excellence 2018
The best meal ever

We went to this restaurant as a kind of treat on the last night of a trip to one of the world’s great cities – and, guess what? It turned out to be one of the world’s great restaurants, too. It’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for, and we’d gladly have paid more for the exquisite four-course dinner we had with wine pairings. We also got, what was it? – five amuse-bouches, so you can’t complain. The staff were absolutely lovely and made us feel at home right away. I wish I ran my own restaurant, just so I could employ them. The cutlery and fittings set the upscale, slightly offbeat tone. You can sit at your table and enjoy watching a genius or two at work. I do mean genius. Dinner was magic on a plate, and one course was so perfect it brought an actual tear to my eye. I think it was probably the best meal either of us has ever had. At the far corner of the restaurant sat a small bunch of fashionistas, intent on scarfing their food down and talking about shopping. It is an actual shame not to pause and thrill to food like this, and we both felt kinda sorry for them. They were missing out. Don’t miss out yourself – go to Senses and enjoy a truly uplifting experience. We can’t recommend Senses enough. You have to go. My only regrets at spending all that was left of our holiday budget were that we couldn’t afford ten courses, and that I didn’t have enough euros left to give a bigger tip to the lovely staff. (When we complimented the wine, they even printed out the wine list, and when we got home, we ordered a huge bunch, which we are currently enjoying with just about very meal.) Next time, I promise! Great place. Great food. Great service. Treat yourself. And, to the brilliant staff at Senses, many thanks!


9 October 2019


Amazing staff, Extra-Ordinary dishes, We took the 5 course menu plus wine experience, mind blowing. Amuse bouche during the dinner was amazing.

7 October 2019

The chef is an artist

While some of the food was a little exotic for me, my husband who is a more adventurous eater, was thrilled with everything. The food was a true adventure for the senses and gorgeously plated. Service was excellent. We chose the 5 course tasting menu but ordered a bottle of wine for fear the wine pairings would be a little too much for us. They do offer 1/2 glass pairings. If you're up for a new experience, you really should try Senses. You won't regret it.

23 September 2019

What an incredible meal and evening!!

My boyfriend is a massive foodie, so I was looking for somewhere special for his birthday with a lot of variety to the menu but not at Michelin-level pricing. We found it!! Senses was just INCREDIBLE from start to finish. We had the 4-course tasting menu, which in the end was very filling - I had the non-veggie / my bf had the veggie and both were utterly delicious, wonderfully varied and so imaginative. I've never had such a great-value meal at (easily) Michelin level - we both fully expect this place to get its star soon, the only tiny thing holding it back at the moment might be the slightly long waiting times in between courses, but this was fine for us as we wanted to make an evening of it. I also wanted to thank the staff for hand-writing a note (signed by all the waiting staff!) along with chocolates for my bf's birthday. It was the sweetest thing and we were both so touched. More than 5 stars worth of love and happiness!!

17 September 2019

Very enjoyable experience

Ate here with a friend and thoroughly enjoyed a 5 course meal with wine pairing. Food was amazing and the wine complemented the dishes nicely. Found the staff to be very knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely recommend

16 September 2019

Senses will have a Michelin Star soon!! Excellent experience!

Excellent dinner at Senses! Unassuming space with an open kitchen and the chef was there from beginning of service until the end. We did the 5 course tasting which ended up being 8 or so courses with 3 amuse bouches and a "pre-dessert" course! The plating and presentation of the courses are beautiful with the flavors being even more impressive. They were great about accommodating food allergies and a pescaterian diet. Some did the wine pairing which you could do half glasses which is a great idea. I did champagne and cocktails with my courses and it was wonderful. You have a team taking care of you so that is nice and service is excellent. I'm surprised he doesn't have a Michelin Star but I have no doubt he soon will. It was also one of the more modestly priced tasting menus I've seen in awhile!

13 September 2019

Amazing dinner

We did the 7 step tasting menu with wine pairing. It was fantastic,tasty,great presentation,awesome wines.Everything was on such a high level. We had the oportunity to meet and have photos and a talk with the chef himself. We highly recommend it.

12 September 2019

Perfect evening with a wonderful dinner!!!!!!

A perfect evening in the Senses Restaurant. Service, dinner, all was absolutely perfect. Definitly we come again, it was really wonderful. Thank you very much

11 September 2019

Truly the Best of the Best

You may want to try other restaurants in Amsterdam before going to "Senses," because once you go to "Senses," the bar is so high that no other restaurants will come close to this gastronomic delight. We booked on the "Fork" but because of some glitch, our reservation didn't come through. Luckily, we were able to get a seating. We've been to some of the finest restaurants in the world and this is truly the best of the best. Now for what we had after the first two amuse-bouches: 1) Sea Bass, Crab, Caviar and rice cracker...first picture 2) Sweet breads and beignets of sweet breads..second picture 3) Braised beef, canoli with braised beef, polenta, and aubergine...third picture palette cleanser/amuse-bouche with passion fruit, and some type of sorbet/ice cream...fourth picture 4) Dutch cherries, pistachio ice cream, and other WOW stuff....fifth picture Having the ingredients is one thing, but having the ability to have orgasmic pleasure with each bit is another. "Senses" definitely exceeded my expecation. I'm sure this culinary sensation would have taken first place at the Annual Bocuse D' Or. There are 4, 5, 6, 7 and possibly eight courses. We only chose 4 and were perfectly satisfied with the quantity, presentations, and tastes. Some of the review here say the prices are high, but if you've ever eaten at a Michellin rated establishment, you'll find that the restaurant is quite inexpensive.

5 September 2019

Superb fine-dining in the heart of Amsterdam

An excellent restaurant with surprising flavour combinations and stunning presentations. We kicked off the meal with 3 amuses and the option of a glass of champagne. I thought that the price of the glass of bubbly (€17) was pretty steep but I guess it helps to cover the cost of the amuses, which were exquisite. The rest of our five course meal was simply superb. When you arrive, they inquire about any dietary restrictions and you choose how many courses you want. What you get is a surprise. I usually like to know what I’m going to eat but in this case, I was more than happy to be surprised. Senses is absolutely top-notch!

27 August 2019