Certificate of excellence 2018
Flavour combinations amazing

My husband and I visited Senses last night; we had the 5 course taster menu with wine pairing and it was wonderful, the flavour combinations were a delight, the amuse bouche were a teaser to the flavours ahead, fantastic combinations in all the dishes my favourites were the crab with the busts of lemongrass and the fish but the venison was rich with the black pudding truly a joy. The pudding with pearls of lemon bursting in the mouth yum. The wine pairings on their own wouldn’t have been something I’d pick but together enhanced both the dish and the wine. The staff were knowledgeable and really friendly; the maitre de couldn’t be more helpful. My only niggle was the rather annoying couple sat next to us who I feel bullied themselves into the restaurant and put the staff in an awkward position were brash and rude. The staff handled them perfectly and whilst they offered to move us we felt it would cause more of an issue for them. It was a small blip on an otherwise perfect meal.

18 January 2019

A dinner that will positively affect all your senses in a cosy environment

Senses provides a very good eating experience; visually all dishes are little pieces of art, the quality and the combination of the ingredients is superb. The only not so positive aspect, is the quantity, you are left with the feeling that you would have eaten a bigger portion. This is particularly true for the main dish, and of course, if you choose the three-course-menu.

18 January 2019

Amazing food, charming staff

The Christmas eve menu was totally excellent! We had the multi course menu without wine selection as we wanted to try Dutch wine, which was excellent and worth a deviation from the big names. There was not a single misstep and the staff were super friendly and efficient. One of the best restaurants I have visited in any city.

8 January 2019

In a nut shell AMAZING

I have worked in the hospitality industry for close on 2 decades including a Michigan Star restaurant in London and a top leading hotel in Cornwall, so I do have experience in good food and service without it being pretentious or a rip off. So While waiting for a friend to arrive in Amsterdam on the Eurostar I decided to treat myself to a tasting menu. After a bit of research I came across SENSES, at first glance it looked good, the big problem was no menu. Do I put it on my maybe list. Much searching later and looking back at what my options where SENSES kept coming up, but now the no menu made me want to try it out. Also a huge seller on it is that it’s not over priced like most menus of its type in the city while also changing often as produce is available. Now I’m not a fussed eater at all but hate a tasting menu to be mostly sea food. After emailing and confirming this would be taken into account I booked the restaurant. From walking into the restaurant I was warmly greeted and as the only solo dinner they knew who I was straight away. Starting off with local Dutch Sparkling Wine I decided on the full 7 courses, as I trusted in the chef and his skills. And WOW AMAZING, yes the portions are small, that’s the idea as including all the small betweens and so on - which in the uk and most restaurants around the world are all courses themselves - I landed up with 10 courses. EXTRA BONUS THERE TOO ME. All the staff - especially the lady who greeted me and mostly took care of my table sorry I don’t remember names well - where amazing and super friendly, if I had to criticise at all I’d say the gentleman on the floor as a bit snobbish with me but hey that’s just me. 100% will be back to SENSES when I return to Amsterdam.

23 December 2018


The restaurant is located in a touristic and busy area of the city center. The dishes are beautiful, creative and tasty and the ambiance of the restaurant is quite fancy. I requested a vegetarian menu, which was no problem. The service was the best thing of the whole evening; they did not miss anything. Thank you for having us. We will come back soon!


8 December 2018

Absolutely fantastic

The food, the service, the atmosphere...everything was absolutely amazing and I can only recommend them. And all this at a very reasonable price!


5 December 2018

Surprisingly excellent!

We went here not really expecting to have such a wonderful lunch. Thanks Tripadvisor for helping us find it. The food and portions were excellent for lunch and we walked away feeling cared for, thought about and considered. Service was very good. Wine selections fit the meals and the chocolates and sweets at the end hit the spot!

Kenneth (Florida)

29 November 2018


We had a 3-course dinner with a "pre-desert" prior to the real thing. Every course is a surprise, guests only choose whether they wish 3, 4 or more courses. Each course was delicious and of modest size, but I hasten to add that 3-courses did not leave us hungry! We only had 1,5 hours (opera!) and the staff kept to our schedule perfectly. Service was more than punctual: pleasant, friendly and not intrusive. Finally, in reaction to earlier reviews: the wines were excellent, too. Will certainly return.


21 November 2018

Amazing meal at Senses

Great meal at Senses, incredible food and amazing service, great experience! Went for the 7 course tasting menu.


20 November 2018

Foodgasmic Food!

The food here was amazing! Got a 4-course meal and enjoyed every bite of it. Each dish was packed with flavor and every single ingredient complimented the dish so well. The restaurant itself looked very modern and the staff was very professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend this place if you're looking for an amazing fine dining experience!


16 November 2018