Certificate of excellence 2020
A perfect lunch

Enjoyed our luncharrangement. The food was so delicious, colourful, and very tasteful! We will come back for sure.

Jennie (Netherlands)

31 August 2015

Good food for a fair price

We enjoyed our 6 courses surprise menu at the Senses restaurant. The food was good and the staff was friendly. However, the accompanying wines were mixed up so we received one type twice. This was corrected by the staff eventually.

Thomas (Netherlands)

30 August 2015

Great food!

Me and my friend (both food industry workers) really-really enjoined the food, we had 6 courses and we were melting at the table. The food was clearly made with precision, care and butter. The service was decent and nice, although they seemed to be running back and fourth between the hotel lobby bar and the restaurant. Personally I think the drink choice is lacking (not commenting on the wine - dint have that, cant comment). If you have close to epic food, a better mixer than 7up-pepsi would be really-really welcome and a better gin than bombay. But to be honest I really did enjoy the evening and the food.

Kaidi (Estland)

30 August 2015

Food for your Senses

Very nice place. The food was great and we were offered very original dishes. We had the Surprise Menu (3 dishes) and it was enough if you don't eat much. The cost was slightly less than 80 € for 2 with a coffee included. The staff was very friendly and the place nice decorated. It really pays a visit if you are in Amsterdam!

Marc (Spain)

29 August 2015

What a pleasure

Food was excellent. Service was 100% . The girl was friendly and her service was very good. It was the 4 time in this restaurant . We will absolutely come back.

Hans (Netherlands)

28 August 2015

My expectations were definitely met

Last night I made a reservation for four to celebrate the birthday of a precious friend. I ordered 4 times the surprise dinner and my expectations were definitely met. Every dish was like art and the staff proved that it is possible to combine professional hospitality with a warm friendly welcoming feeling like you are in a room with friends. The dishes were filled with creativity. I loved how the chefs played with the colors, structures and tastes of each ingredient that they placed on the dish. The art that was made went very well with the carefully chosen plates/accessories of each course. Would love to enjoy such a great experience again in the near future. Keep up the wonderful work of your team and stay creative!

Golivia (Unknown)

27 August 2015

Wonderful meal

We had the surprise meal and it was a 10 on every scale. We made them aware of allergies and they presented us with a multi-course dinner that was both unusual and very well prepared. Definitely a destination for those looking for a special meal on a trip.

Ed (US)

26 August 2015

Very interesting experience

I went with my family. The food was very good and interesting. The most amazing part was how the food was displayed. "Senses" is a good name for this place, as the food is artfully crafted to invoke all senses. I had the vegetarian surprise menu with 4 dishes, and the rest of my family had the regular surprise menu with 3 dishes. We each got wine pairings as well, which were quite pricey. Overall, it was a unique experience. The food was good, though not absolutely exceptional. The servers were nice.

Ella (Unknown)

24 August 2015

Senses Made my Mouth Dance

I really liked Senses Restaurant in Amsterdam. They took care of us for breakfast and lunch on two separate days, and the food and staff was amazing. Don't miss this place on your next trip to Amsterdam because it will definitely make your mouth dance!

Yannis (US)

23 August 2015

Great experience

Go with the tasting menu paired with the suggested wines, fun and interesting food adventure. The service was very attentive. They will pick the menu for you based on your preferences.

Unknown (US)

22 August 2015