Certificate of excellence 2018
Excellently unique

Enjoyed everything about this restaurant, from the service to the unique, tasty, and aesthetically pleasing dishes. My friend and I were serviced like A list celebrities. I hope to come back some time.

Kobi (Unknown)

6 August 2015

“If only we had known!”

Hindsight is wonderful. If only we had known what Senses offered we would have been far more careful with our eating in Amsterdam that day. The restaurant is attached to the Albus Hotel in the city. Small - perhaps 40 settings - but with all the attention to detail and service experienced in much larger establishments. We limited ourselves to 1 course because of the aforementioned indulgence during the day, but our selections were presented in a very interesting way with a lot of attention to flavour, contrast and plate presentation. The house offerings of the appetiser and amuse bouche before the course we ordered were similarly outstanding and added immeasurably to the experience. Advice - starve during the day and try the chef's surprise menu. Will certainly be our strategy when next in Amsterdam!

Unknown (Australia)

28 July 2015


We have been charmed by this restaurant where hospitality is exceptional, particularly Natasja that is excellent service and very nice (cheers for the great effort in french) each dish is delicate and their presentation is an art, very subtle... not to be missed if you go to Amsterdam we will return... Valerie and Muriel

Valerie (Belgium)

28 July 2015

Original dishes and of quality

I discovered this restaurant through Tripadvisor and I'm happy of this lovely experience. After having read the judgments and visited the site of the restaurant, I was intrigued for the surprise menus. I booked on line to have the certainty to try it.It's a pleasant and very calm place with few tables, with a creative cooking. I'm italian and i like cooking therfore when I go to a restaurant I like to try something new and new tastes: expectations not disappointed at Senses!!! I chose the 5 course Sensens surprise menu: very creative dishes. The best sense for me? The lavender bavarian! See you soon for new experiences...and sorry for my english

Unknown (Italy)

20 July 2015

Delighting the senses

We dined in Senses in July 2015. Reservations are required. We elected for the 'surprise' menu which comes with the choice of 3, 4, 5 or 6 courses. An amazing culinary experience. It was 45 Euros for fours courses, good value for money. We won't describe the dishes in too much detail to save the surprise, suffice to say, each was well designed, carefully balanced, flavourful and perfect from conception to execution. The service was fairly good and we appreciated the careful descriptions of the dishes by our waitress. Although observed that it wasn't consistently so with all waiting staff. Highly recommended, I would return again. Best for singles or couples rather than large group. The dining experience took 2.5 hours for four courses. Small restaurant, open kitchen, minimal decoration, attached to hotel. Limited a la carte menu as alternative.

Sit (Unknown)

18 July 2015

Amazing dinner

We went last night for dinner and enjoyed every bite! The chef has a way of combining wonderful flavorers and textures to create a masterpiece on the plate. I would recommend the chefs choice.

Unknown (UK)

17 July 2015

A feast for the senses.

Took my parents there hoping to give them a fine dining experience. My mom had never been to a restaurant with surprise menus like this one, and was quite mistrustful of the idea. As I had never been to this restaurant myself, taking her there was a bit of a gamble, but Senses did not let down! Her suspicious attitude changed after the very first course. We had two three-course menus and one five-course menu. My parents wanted theirs to be with fish or seafood, and their wishes were accommodated. I wanted mine to be a complete surprise, and ended up getting a meat-based meal. The food, both in terms of look and taste, was mindblowing, as were the wine pairings (we ordered the recommended wine pairings with our dinners). The dessert and its accompanying wine stood out in particular. It's difficult to describe this restaurant's food in simple terms -- they combine lots of ingredients that I couldn't image married together in a single dish, resulting in delicious flavors that were very new to me. I also liked the presentation of the food and the overall design of the restaurant very much. The waiters were friendly; not artificially friendly or uptight as in many upscale restaurants, but naturally friendly and cheerful. To sum up, this restaurant serves delicious food for several of your senses, not just for your tastebuds -- hence its name, I suppose.

Andrey (UK)

17 July 2015

A very positive dining experience!

We had the four course Surprise Menu with the wine, which was a wonderful way to experience a number of wines we wouldn't normally have had, and they were all good and went well with their course. Servers were gracious and knowledgeable and food was delicious and creative.

Sally (Canada)

14 July 2015

Healthy gem in middle of Amsterdam

Excellent food with fantastic service The food presentation was beautiful Dessert was heavenly Good location

Unknown (USA)

11 July 2015

Something different for us -- and we enjoyed it very much

Based on the great reviews, the fact that they have vegetarian dishes and they are also aware of food sensitivities, we gave Senses a try. We enjoyed it very much. Everything was delicious, and the service was friendly and helpful. They cheerfully made sure everything was gluten-free for me. All the dishes were beautifully presented and prepared. It was a fun experience all around.

Unknown (USA)

9 July 2015