Certificate of excellence 2018
Amazingly creative food at fair prices

We were 6 people and had a fantastic evening. Although it is a surprise menu you can explain what you do not like and they adjust it accordingly. And we were not an easy crowd. The food was very creative in a positive way and service outstandingly friendly. The price was cheap in comparison to what you get. A must do in Amsterdam

10 June 2019

Lovely service........great food

Ambitious, clever food that looks and tastes wonderful. Friendly, attentive yet appropriately discreet service. A great meal that will live long in the memory.

6 June 2019


Top food and top service. We had the 7 courses surprise menu which we highly recommend. Service was amazing, super friendly staff.

1 June 2019

You must taste every single course

Ok, I've loved every single course and wines, location and service as well! We took 7 course to have a complete experience at @senses_restaurant by @l.bertelsen + 3 course of wines and 1 champagne rosé at beginning to start! It was really a great dinner, full of amazing tasty and nice compositions! Lovely to see for eyes, explosive to eat for mouth, menu was complete. I'll be back for sure!

28 May 2019


Where to start! We had a wonderful experience in Senses on a business trip to Amsterdam recently. From the moment we entered the restaurant we got an excellent vibe. Our waiter, Niels, was exceptional. The staff were so well informed. We chose the 7 Course and we were not disappointed. All of the courses were fresh, vibrant and above all tasty! The whole experience lasted over 3 hours and we left feeling satisfied but not overloaded with food. We will definitely be back! Well done Lars & team.

23 May 2019

It’s all about senses

Forget about numerous pages of menus. This is no ordinary place. The menus are being changed every two weeks, and rarely repeated. Always reserve your seat. This is the process. Take a seat, relax, and give your full trust to the Chef - you can only mention if you are allergic to something. Then, you specify number of courses you would like (minimum is three). And the Chef will prepare for you the meals you will never forget, both regarding the taste and the presentation that will take your senses to another dimension.

21 May 2019

Joy, Excitement, Mystery and Raw Indulgence

I wish I could thank each chef, and server individually for the amazing experience myself and my partner had at this restaurant. From Greeting to Goodbye, the service was impeccable. The staff were personable, but not invasive, the speed of service was perfect, the wine pairings and servings were both generous (????) and harmonious with each dish. The food. Wow. The thought gone into each course was evident the further into the menu you progressed. From lighter tastes, mysteries, and sensations of the amuse-bouche and initial fish courses, to a sudden punch in the taste buds with the stuffed tempura leek (Jesus Christ I loved that leek!). There were enough harmonies and surprises to keep you guessing the entire way through the menu. I don't want to spoil too much of it, because it's all part of the experience. Hats off to Lars and his team for pulling it off in style, they even gave me a little note to wish me luck for an upcoming event I have, and a little book of recipes so I might try to recreate some of these dishes. I will 100% revisit to try the menu at another point in the year.

19 May 2019

Exciting and beautiful dishes!

When each bite is a surprise and you would love to recreate the experience, this, to me, is a great meal experience. Senses offers great service, dish after dish. The nuances of the flavours and the visual presentation makes each dish an adventure. Sense was my first stop in my first trip to Amsterdam and it set up the tone for the week. Visit the city, explore the museums, take a trip through the waterways, but make sure you make a reservation at Senses. Wonderful experience.


18 May 2019

Delightful Unusual Dishes with Great Service

We had a wonderful 4-course tasting dinner at Senses Restaurant. 3 - 7 course dinners are available, but with the additinoal amuse-boches, this was just about the right amount of food for us. The presentations were almost spectacular with great care in arranging the food. All the servers were fluent in English, explained each dish in detail, and did not rush us through our dinner. We would definitely return if we were to come to Amsterdam again.

14 May 2019


The best 6-course meal i ever had the opportunity to eat. I would recommend to book the place because i don't think there is any possibility for this place to be available.


10 May 2019