The perfect bavarois

Bavaroise are fluffy cold puddings. The less gelatin you use in the preparation of

bavaroise, the better the taste will be.


Lavender bavarois

Milk 250 grams

Dried lavender 1 tbsp

Sugar 65 grams

Egg yolks 2

Gelatin sheets 2.5

White chocolate 65 grams

whipped cream 250 grams

Tonka bean

Preparation method:

Soak the gelatin in cold water until it blooms.  Heat the milk, lavender, sugar and egg yolk to 85 degrees celsius and add the soaked gelatin and grated tonka bean. Stir well and then add the white chocolate. Place the chocolate on ice water and allow it to cool until the base is 'hanging'. Pour into shapes of your choice, silicone trays are very suitable for this. Let it set in the refrigerator.