Popcorn Panna Cotta

Popcorn is always a good idea! But not only as a favorite snack during your beloved movie nights. Unleash your creativity and transform this snack into a true dessert item. We are going to make a popcorn panna cotta that you can perfectly integrate into various desserts. Combine it with vanilla ice cream and your guests will be licking their fingers clean!


140 grams of whipped cream

70 grams of milk

23.5 grams of popped popcorn

42 grams of sugar

4 grams of gelatin


Make the popcorn and put it in a pan, add the milk and whipped cream. Heat the ingredients until it has reached a temperature of 80 degrees Celcius (use a candy thermometer). Let it sit covered overnight. Strain the popcorn from the mix and fill it with whipped cream and milk until it is 210 grams again. The popcorn has absorbed some moisture. Heat a part with sugar and dissolve the gelatin in it. Mix it together with the remaining ingredient. Let it cool completely, the gelatin will then thicken the mixture. Once it has cooled enough, pour the mixture into molds and freeze. Then it is ready to serve with, for example, vanilla ice cream and a delicious madeleine cookie.