Coconut risotto 

Taste this deliciously scented coconut risotto. Serve it as a sweet counterpart to a spicy Asian meat or fish dish. 


500 grams of coconut milk 

500 grams of milk 

75 grams of Risotto rice 

120 grams of sugar 

1 Tonka bean 

80 grams of egg yolk 

50 grams of butter 

Preparation method:

First, grate the tonka bean. Cook the Risotto in the milk and coconut milk with the grated tonka bean. When the Risotto is almost cooked, mix the sugar with the egg yolk. Add a little of the cooked mass and mix everything back into the pan. 

Cook all parts until it starts to bind, keep track of the temperature at 85 degrees celsius.  Add the butter to the cooked mass and keep stirring until the butter is dissolved. 

Let it cool down and serve it with your dish. Enjoy your meal!