Umami & Cocktails at Senses

Umami & Cocktails at Senses
29 December 2017

Umami now at Senses
Umami is originally a Japanese word meaning 'glory' or 'savory'. Together with sweet, salty, sour and bitter, it is one of the five basic flavors. Senses has now also incorporated this taste into one of the dishes from the new tasting menu. Curious about this taste? Then book already for coming year and explore this taste.

Dutch Courage Cocktails
With our Senses selection we look back at the rich past of cocktails. These classic cocktails are processed and served to stimulate the senses. As the basis for our cocktails, we use the best Dutch spirits. Ask the enthusiastic Senses staff for the selection at your next visit. They will gladly tell you more about it.