Art on your plate by Lars Bertelsen (new head chef)

"The top 10 of restaurants in Amsterdam? We will get there. I'm absolutely sure." Lars Bertelsen, head chef of Senses restaurant is ambitious. And this is achievable: Senses restaurant was ranked number 14 of 2485 Amsterdam restaurants on TripAdvisor when this article was written.

The same is happening on other renown Dutch review websites such as "Why this happens? Our guests are very satisfied. The taste and presentation of the dishes, in combination with the price, create a surprise effect. We exceed the expectations of the guest," says Lars.

The ranking on those websites is very important. "It is recognition for the effort and commitment. And it's good for brand awareness. It attracts many guests. Also among Amsterdammers TripAdvisor is becoming increasingly important." adds Lisa Jurgens, Deputy Manager.

Of course, the products that are used in the kitchen are seasonal and organic where possible. But just as important is the service and attention of the wait staff. Lars: "We are focused on presentation, taste and service, so it really is an experience rather than just eating." Lisa: "We tickle all the senses, we try to do honor to our name. With particular combinations and wines. Unconventional." Lars: "Every dish should look like a piece of art. That's part of the experience. There is a dish that is presented under a glass bowl filled with smoke. Only when the bowl at the table is removed and the smoke subsides, you see that it is pigeon."

The new head chef Lars Bertelsen replaces Erik Zonjee.